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We tell our customers that we will put 110% into construction of their mini golf course. The extra ten percent is for the little things that make a difference between a "good" job and a "great" job. And we do it on our own initiative, without extra charge to the customer. Learn More

How to Make Money with a Miniature Golf Course

Course owners are doing a tremendous business. The new courses are charging between $7.00 and $10.00 per game and in a typical season gross over $250,000. Some new courses gross over $500,000 per year.  Learn More

What Minature Golf Course Investors are Saying

"I wanted a course constructed that adults and teenagers could enjoy - not just little kids. I wanted something spectacular - different. Harris built us a great course. It's beautiful! There are some real tough shots, and there are some easy shots. It's a fair course, but it's a challenge. The kids love it and the adults love it. It's just great!"

"I have trouble not getting a big head. Customers constantly tell me this is the best course they've ever played. I've had people tell me they have golfed from Maine to Florida - including Myrtle Beach - and this is the best course they've played. Richard promised me 110% when I was talking to him about building the course. I would have to say he did much better than that. Harris gave me 150% to 200%. I am very, very pleased." -Course Investor

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The Process of Building a Miniature Golf Course

Mini golf is NOT golf in miniature. However, miniature golf does have a lot in common with regulation golf. To be interesting, miniature golf holes must have the contour changes found on the regulation green which cause the ball to break and turn as it rolls toward the cup. Undulations and banking give the game an element of challenge and fun. Learn More

Harris Miniature Golf in the News

Genevieve Gorder helps with the build. Genevieve Gorder, star of television series “Town Haul”, features mini golf construction. Learn More

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