A Guide For Mini Golf Business Owners To Care For Artificial Turf

Miniature golf courses use artificial turf for the playing surface. This keeps your course looking fresh with minimal effort! However, that does not mean you can completely neglect the care of your artificial turf. Read on to find out some top tips to follow in caring for it!

Choose your Turf Wisely

Years ago, artificial turf on miniature golf courses would need to be replaced every three years. Thankfully, the quality of these products has improved greatly and now it is likely your turf will last 8-10 years before needing to be replaced. With that said, it is important to choose a high quality product if you want to see this longevity. 

Landscaping Effects on Turf

Leaves, twigs, and other types of debris can end up on your artificial turf after a storm or strong winds. Additionally, when mulch is placed near your golf holes, players can track it onto your course. It is important to use a leaf blower or vacuum to remove any debris from your course regularly to reduce the build up on your course and keep your turf clean. A good recommendation would be using small stones as an alternative to mulch and choosing plants that are less likely to blow onto your course. 

What to Avoid with Artificial Turf Care

Chances are that your artificial turf will only be used as a base for playing mini golf. However, if your business premises serve more than one purpose, you will want to avoid the following practices to keep your turf in good shape:

  • Do not allow glass containers on your course
  • Do not allow people to smoke cigarettes on or near the course
  • Place trash cans around your course to avoid littering
  • Do not use detergent when cleaning turf
  • Do not cover the turf for winter maintenance

By avoiding these practices, you can keep your artificial grass in great shape for longer!

Designing a Mini Golf Course with Artificial Turf

If you are looking to design and construct a mini golf course with artificial turf, turn to the experts at Harris Miniature Golf. Our architects specialize in mini golf course design. We’ve designed and built over 800 courses all around the world, so you can trust our expertise. Get started by reaching out to us and requesting an investor’s kit today!