Seasonal businesses are great for a number of reasons, the option of having an off season being one of them! That said, some business owners prefer to have businesses that run all year round. That’s where an indoor mini golf course would be the perfect investment opportunity. If you’re the kind of business owner who would rather have operations running winter, spring, summer, and fall, an indoor mini golf course is the right business move for you.

Extended Opening Hours and Days

Outdoor businesses rely on the time of day, weather, and climate as major factors for their operating hours. Rain, snow, sleet, and sometimes even fog can mess with outdoor mini golf courses. Indoor mini golf courses are able to stay open regardless of these factors.

With indoor mini golf courses, players can putt all the time, whether it’s a hot summer day or cold winter evening. This means your business can stay open for extended hours no matter what time of year.

Low Maintenance Costs

Fortunately, both indoor and outdoor miniature golf courses have relatively low maintenance costs. Landscaping, however, is a cost that can be eliminated with indoor courses. Most indoor miniature golf courses use artificial landscaping, whereas an outdoor miniature golf course will use real plants and flowers.

Simpler Safety Monitoring

Monitoring the safety and security of visitors is much easier indoors than outdoors. Positioning and mounting CCTVs simpler, and there is less of a chance of damage because weather and wildlife will not be factors.

There are pros and cons to operating mini golf courses indoors vs. outdoors and a strong case could be made for both sides. If you are interested in opening an indoor mini golf course in your neighborhood, the team to work with is Harris Mini Golf. We have over 60 years of industry experience designing, developing, constructing, and helping mini golf course businesses grow. Give us a call today to learn how your indoor mini golf course business will be a success.