Boosting Revenue For Your

Miniature golf is inherently a very profitable business due to the low overhead costs involved with running this business. With that said, there are ways to take your profits to the next level. First and foremost it is important to focus on your customer experience and satisfaction. Happy customers turn into return customers and keep cash flow and revenue streams running smoothly. Invest in your business acumen and you will see that investment provide great returns.

Reward Customer Loyalty at Your Mini Golf Course

Customer loyalty programs and loyalty rewards are great as mini golf course revenue boosters. Customer loyalty directly relates to the 80/20 rule, which stipulates that 80% of the revenue that a business makes actually comes from 20% of customer engagement. It’s wise to keep tabs on repeat customers and daily golfers; consider setting milestones or goals for them to meet and rewarding them once they achieve them. Free rounds or vouchers at the mini golf course will increase the chances of them coming back to play and tell their friends about your business. Free word of mouth marketing simply can’t be beat!

Sell Branded Merchandise

In addition to regularly selling branded merchandise at your mini golf course, think about bundling merchandise promotions into package deals. For example, if a customer plays a certain number of times, they will be eligible for a discount on your miniature golf course’s branded merchandise. This tactic will not only help generate mini golf course revenue for the business through selling merchandise, but it will also act as native advertising. Branded goods like customized mini golf balls, outfits, umbrellas, and windbreakers will be worn not only on the golf courses but also as customers are out and about in their daily lives.

Include Vouchers and Promos in Mini Golf Course Packages to Boost Sales

Some of the best ways to draw in customers is to offer attractive deals with current packages. Some examples include adding a free food voucher if concessions are available. It is common for customers to buy concessions with family and friends, meaning they will likely spend more than the voucher is worth. This can make visitors become loyal customers, which will increase the revenue of your miniature golf course.

Mini Golf Services from Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc.

Implement these strategies to ensure that customers visit your mini golf course and leave satisfied. After learning about ways to boost revenue for your business, you may still need some tips on how to run a successful mini golf course. Harris Miniature Golf designs and constructs mini golf courses; let us work with you today! Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.