Brainstorming Your Mini Golf Course Design

There are so many ways to design a mini golf course. From innovative greens to fun and unique water features, the options are endless. All you need is a great imagination and the right mini golf course design company by your side to help your dreams of the perfect mini golf course design come to life.

There are practical considerations to keep in mind when starting any mini golf course design. The first and probably most important elements are size and space. Then comes thinking about the amount of people who will be on the course at one time, the variation between seasonal visitors and regulars, and the community involvement as a whole.

Before getting started, here are several things to consider when brainstorming your mini golf course design.

Indoor or Outdoor Mini Golf Courses

While most people associated mini golf courses with the outdoors, there are plenty of indoor mini golf course businesses that thrive. While, outdoor miniature golf courses and family entertainment centers remain popular, indoor mini golf courses and multi attraction centers are growing in popularity as well. Having a mini golf course indoors can be beneficial in a number of ways: mini golf course business owners can have more control over lighting and amenities under one roof, and there is no need to worry about inclement weather affecting the number of people who will visit on any given day.

Outdoor mini golf courses also come with their own set of advantages. Golfers can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, which enhances their overall experience. Additionally, the eye-catching features are clearly visible from the road which helps to draw in new customers.

Themed Mini Golf Courses

Another possible idea that some mini golf course designers incorporate is that of a theme. While theming may be tempting it is very important to weigh in all considerations before settling on a specific theme. Although a theme may be great in a one setting and demographic it may not be best for repeat customers in another demographic and setting. Theme elements have the potential to enhance the overall experience of the golf course, but it must be executed properly. Choosing to work with a top-notch mini golf course design and construction company such as Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc., can provide mini golf course business owners with plenty of theme ideas and ensure that its execution is flawless.

Regulations for Mini Golf Courses

Another factor to consider when developing a mini golf course design are the regulations and safety structures that are required. Mini golf courses must meet all safety standards and regulations for general businesses but must also comply with accessibility for individuals with different abilities. This is where adhering to ADA compliance is of utmost importance. Certain safety factors that apply specifically to mini golf courses include lighting, elevation changes, and accessibility. Working with a professional mini golf course construction company can help businesses owners be sure that they are abiding by all rules and regulations every step of the way.

Why Work with Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc

Clients who choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. to set up their mini-golf courses get the benefit of over 60 years of experience in the mini golf course design, development, and construction business. Not only do we build structures that last, but we can help business owners avoid some of the most common pitfalls that mini golf course owners make when setting up courses on their own.

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