The Importance of Fun & Challenge

Mini golf courses that are challenging, interesting and fun keep customers coming back and attract more customers through word of mouth. Although mini golf is not the same as regulation golf in miniature, Harris courses incorporate water, undulating and banked greens, rough turf, sand traps and other highlights that make regulation golf challenging and fun. This design philosophy is one of the traits that sets Harris Miniature Golf Courses apart as the world leader in miniature golf design and construction.

The “Feel” of the Course

Buffers between shots like elevation changes in the landscape and streams are crucial design elements to forge the sentiment that players are in their own space. Changes to the elevation do not have to be extreme or expensive, and can often be achieved by making use of your site’s current features. Finally, Harris’ golf courses are planned to ensure maximum flow and avoid backups. With more than 60 years of designing golf courses, Harris’ engineers are experts at designing courses that meet all of these criteria and more.

Water Features & Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond just the size, the aesthetic appeal of the course is a key factor, especially in competitive markets like tourist areas. Harris Miniature Golf Courses is known for creating courses with amazing water features! Adding water features provides aesthetic and atmosphere, separation between holes, noise that blocks out traffic and other guests, playability of course and unique obstacles on the golf holes.

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Popular Course Sizes

18-Hole Course

For a standard 18-hole course, the recommended space is between 15,000 to 22,000 square feet for the playing area. These courses, designed by Harris, are not just about size but about quality, ensuring each course is challenging and fun, thus encouraging repeat visits and attracting new players through word-of-mouth.

36-Hole Courses

Another popular option is the dual 18-hole courses, which cater to larger crowds and offer a variety of challenges for golf enthusiasts. This setup is particularly beneficial for handling peak times and increasing overall business profitability. It also allows for hosting events and groups, thereby maintaining steady business throughout the week.

Compact Courses

For venues with space constraints, Harris also offers compact courses. Even in a limited area of about 9,000 square feet, Harris can design a miniature golf course that doesn’t compromise the fun and challenge of the game. This flexibility makes these courses ideal for indoor settings or smaller outdoor areas.