Choosing the Ideal Mini Golf Course Location-min

Mini golf is and has been one of America’s favorite pastimes for several decades. Through corporate teambuilding events, family-friendly outings, casual dates, and group activities, today’s generation has developed a newfound fondness for the longstanding hobby.

If teambuilding events, family-friendly outings, casual dates, and group activities, today’s generation has you are an entrepreneur considering opening your own miniature golf course, one of the most important considerations is the location. Choosing the right location for a mini golf course can make or break the business’ ability to attract clients and thrive. New business owners must consider several factors when evaluating where to build a mini golf course.

Consider Mini Golf Competition

Find out who the major players are in the miniature golf course industry and where their golf courses are located. While it may be tempting to set up shop as far away from the competition as possible, building a mini golf course closer to the competition can be a more lucrative route than expected.

For example, South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach has over 50 miniature golf courses within a 30-mile radius. Each of these golf courses are thriving. The reason for this is because each course offers a unique experience to players. There is an old saying that goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” In this case, that rings true. Each mini golf course’s designer had a unique vision that they brought to life through their own design.

Another benefit to having various golf courses located close to each other is availability. If one course fills up, having another of the same caliber just a few miles away evens the playing field and prevents overcrowding. For certain towns that are known for their leisure activities, hobbies, and sports, having several mini golf options from which to choose is certainly not a bad thing.

Research the Miniature Golf Market

Investigation and market research are essential for any industry. To see what the experiences are like firsthand, visit other miniature golf courses in the area in which you are planning to build. How could you improve upon the mini golf experience? What are these golf courses doing well? Are the holes interesting, exciting, and fun? Is the course too difficult or are people having endless amounts of fun? Are there outdated features or is the mini golf course business staying up-to-date and innovative in their design?

Try to gauge how other players feel about the mini golf course, as this insight will prove helpful as you develop your own golf course.

Then look into miniature golf contractors with a successful, proven track record. Ask them what goes into the miniature golf course design process.

Opportunity and Audience for Mini Golf

Today’s miniature golf courses appeal to a mass audience. While you may be thinking that your golf course will be an affordable activity for young people and families, also consider how to increase your reach and expand your target audience.

For instance, an increasingly popular addition to many up-and-coming hotels is to add a miniature golf course. This helps attract large families and out-of-towners looking for exciting attractions to the hotel while providing a fun, onsite activity.

Miniature golf courses are also perfect for office team building activities. They offer a great way to boost trust and collaboration while helping colleagues work toward a common goal.

Time to Choose a Miniature Golf Course Construction Company!

Choose the company with over 50 years of experience to build your miniature golf course. As a leader in course construction and design, Harris Miniature Golf is changing the industry. Gone are the days of clown faces and simple windmills dominating miniature golf courses. With beautiful landscaping, dramatic features, tons of curb appeal, and innovative challenges, Harris Miniature Golf builds fun and inviting mini golf spaces. Our greens have delicate contours, slopes, and undulations that reward players for a good putt without overly penalizing poor efforts. Harris believes that the key to success is building golf courses that are interesting and fun with just enough challenge to keep players coming back again and again.

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