Four Benefits Of Adding Water Features To Your Mini Golf Course

When designing a mini golf course, you may be considering adding several features, including a waterfall or stream. The appeal of mini golf course waters may seem obvious; water features are peaceful and calming, after all, but they also offer additional benefits that you may not have considered.

Read on to find out some of the benefits that adding mini golf course water features to your business can bring you!

Water Features May Help Drown Out Surrounding Noises

Where is your mini golf course located? At the end of a busy street, in a mall, or in an amusement park? Unless you have acres of land to yourself, chances are you will be getting background noises from elsewhere, including the sounds of traffic, construction, or even people talking in the next establishment.

One obvious benefit of water features is that they can drown out less pleasant background noises. Instead of the hustle and bustle of others, all you and your customers will hear is the gentle bubbling of a fountain or the flow of a meandering stream.

Provide a Calming Sensation with Water Features in a Mini Golf Course

There’s a reason we find ourselves so drawn to water features. A lot of people find that the sound of running water helps with stress relief. In fact, some people even use noise machines with the sounds of streams and rivers to help put them to sleep! While that’s certainly not the intention of adding a water feature to your mini golf course, having little valleys and streams could help mellow out kids and put everyone at ease when they’re playing a round or two of putt putt. 

Water Feature May Help Purify the Air and Attract Birds

You may not know this, but flowing water has the ability to attract allergens and dust from the surrounding air. This means the outdoor water features also serve as natural air purifiers. It could also help cool the surrounding air, especially during the warmer months.

Furthermore, if you’re in an outdoor space and want to attract birds to your mini golf course, adding water features may just do the trick. 

Make Your Mini Golf Course Stand Out with Water Features

With so many mini golf courses in the country and your area, what makes yours stand out? Adding water features to your miniature golf course could be exactly what you need to differentiate yours from the competition and give it a more natural and unique look and feel. 

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