Four Tips to Designing an ADA-Complaint Mini Golf Course

One of the draws of mini golf is that it has always been an inclusive activity for people of all ages and abilities. Its user-friendliness is due in part to the nature of the sport but also in part to how the mini golf course is built. Constructing an ADA-compliant mini golf course is one of the best ways to make sure that everyone who comes to your business has a great time, no matter of their skill or ability.

Read on to find out four top tips for designing an ADA-compliant mini golf course!

Ensure that Mini Golf Course Paths are Accessible

Even before you get into the course itself, it’s important to ensure that all paths within your premises are accessible for people in wheelchairs, on crutches, or those who have different abilities.Think about all of the paths, including the entrance, between holes, accessing the restroom areas, and more.

ADA- provides guidelines on the width and slope of the walkway to ensure safety. Working with a company like Harris Mini Golf is the best way to ensure ADA-accessibility in your miniature golf course.

Keep Tee-off Areas Accessible

When designing tee-off areas, chances are you’ll want to focus on the visual appeal. After all, the appearance is one of the first impressions that customers will have of your mini golf course. Regardless of the specific design you have in mind, always remember to leave enough space for players to tee off safely.

Consider Alternate Routes for ADA-Compliant Mini Golf Courses

As mentioned earlier, there should always be an accessible alternative to any steps that are present in your mini golf course. However, this doesn’t apply only to steps, but also to other narrow spaces such as tunnels and bridges.

While it would be great if these routes could blend in seamlessly with the rest of the course, the most important thing is that they exist and are easily accessible to those who need them.

Incorporate Sensory Experiences

You may want to take things one step further by incorporating sensory experiences throughout your grounds. This includes using sight and sound as well as touch and texture, all of which may help those with visual or auditory impairments.

Harris Mini Golf Can Guide You on ADA Compliance

We understand that many new mini golf course business owners may not be sure what to do to ensure ADA compliance when building their courses. When you engage our services, we can come up with a design that ticks all your boxes without compromising on compliance. Feel free to check out our FAQs and contact us today to get started with an initial consultation!