Fun Challenges and Features to Add to your Mini Golf Course

No matter the time of year, miniature golf is always in season. This family-friendly activity can be played in the Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring by people both young and old. Additionally, mini golf is a great way for people to bond. One of the best things about this activity is that it can be easy or challenging in varying degrees. Adding mini golf course obstacles and features like waterfalls, streams, ponds, and more can turn a simple game into some real competition.

Mini Golf Courses with Waterfalls, Streams, and Ponds

Waterfalls, ponds, and streams are great focal points of any mini golf course. These elements not only make a mini golf course aesthetically beautiful and make the game exciting for players, but they can also add new level of challenge to the game. Waterfalls in mini golf courses complement each other because they both work with the natural elements and embody the fun of the great outdoors. Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. takes pride in the atmosphere that we create using water features. Waterfalls, streams, and ponds not only look great but the sounds they make are also ideal for creating a natural sound barrier from other people on the course.

Plus, miniature golf holes can easily be situated under waterfalls – how fun is that?! Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. can build miniature golf courses with custom waterfalls including natural rock boulders or carved gunite.

Miniature Golf Courses with Elevation Changes

Elevation changes in mini golf courses are great for upping the ante of any mini golf course game. Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. uses elevation changes and mini golf water features to provide a natural barrier between both the holes and groups of customers playing. This builds off our previous point of creating an ideal mini golf atmosphere. While we want to make sure each hole is fun, challenging, and unique we also want the whole environment to foster a top-notch experience for all golfers.

Making Your Mini Golf Course More Challenging with Shapes and Contours

One of the most effective ways to add excitement to your miniature golf course is by designing multi-tiered holes. Miniature golf courses with multi-tiered holes are great for introducing a mix of challenging and/or long holes. Some of the miniature golf course designs that Harris specialize in include multi-level holes, pipe shots (where the ball goes into a pipe and reappears on a lower level of the hole) and jump shots (where the ball goes up a ramp and jumps a stream). We also use shaping and contouring of the holes to make each hole play in a unique way.

Design and Construct a Mini Golf Course with Fun and Creative Obstacles

When you hire Harris Mini Golf to design your miniature golf course, our team will develop a landscaped course design that allows you to alternate between themes, features, challenges, and more. From waterfalls to ponds to multi-tiered holes, our mini golf course obstacles and features are sure to draw in additional clientele including both tourists and local customers. Find out more, ask questions, or request a consultation to discuss how we can work with your existing grounds, please feel free to contact us today.