How Seniors In Residential Living Communities Can Benefit From Having Mini Golf Onsite

What do you envision yourself doing in your golden years? Are there any amenities you simply must have in a residential living community, such as a mini golf course? Many seniors enjoy playing mini golf in their downtime, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only is it a fun social activity that can be enjoyed with friends and neighbors, but their brains and bodies also get a workout during a game as well. 

Read on to find out about several benefits of mini golf for seniors!

Mini Golf is a Great Opportunity for Senior Socialization

Many seniors move into a residential living community for the companionship and sense of belonging that can be found there. Engaging in a game of mini golf with their neighbors can result in new friendships and connections. We all know that social isolation can take a toll on all aspects of health; mini golf is just one of many activities that seniors can participate in to increase socialization.

Mini Golf Could Help Keep Seniors Keep Physically Fit

Finding ways to stay active can be difficult as you age, especially as certain activities become physically challenging. Additionally, motivation may be lacking, which could deter seniors being active. For instance, if they plan on taking a morning walk three times a week but find themselves constantly missing the mark, it may be time to admit that that is just not the activity for them.

Mini golf for seniors could be just what they need to inspire them to get moving because it’s so fun. When we choose an activity that we actually enjoy, we’re always more inclined to prioritize it.

Mini Golf Could Help Exercise Your Brain

Not only is mini golf a workout for the body, but some brain power is also required as well. Every hole presents a unique challenge and requires a different strategy. This makes mini golf a great way to not only exercise the body but also keep the mind sharp!

Mini Golf May Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

A benefit of mini golf for seniors could be the stress relief it provides. Doing something you enjoy is almost always a foolproof way to lighten whatever stressors are on your mind. Seniors who play mini golf may find that spending time outdoors, socializing with friends, and scoring points reduces stress and anxiety and puts them in a better mental state overall. Even if the mini golf course on which they are playing is indoors, seniors can find solace in the game itself. 

Looking to Design a Mini Golf Course for a Residential Living Community?

If the residential living community you own or manage is looking to enter the business of mini golf, Harris Miniature Golf is here to help. We are the experienced team you need to design and build a state-of-the-art mini golf course for your residential living community. Everything we build is 100% ADA compliant and will always be constructed according to your requirements and specifications. Getting started is easy – simply reach out to us for an investor’s kit today!