How To Keep Your Mini Golf Course Clean

Customer reviews of your mini golf course can drum up both positive and negative aspects of your business. Many focus on the enjoyment factor of the game and the fun designs and themes of your course, which is great! Unfortunately, some customers highlight the negatives. Safety and cleanliness are the first things to go as far as bringing attention to a company’s downfalls go. Don’t let your mini golf course fall victim to negative reviews. More importantly, keep it clean for the sake of both your staff and your customers.  

The Importance of Keeping Your Mini Golf Course Clean

Every business needs to put their best foot forward, mini golf courses included. Give customers a great first impression of your mini golf course and they’ll be sure to think of it favorably moving forward. Some general tips for keeping your mini golf course clean:

  • Eliminate dirt and debris (i.e., gravel) that may have been kicked onto the carpet
  • Sweep carpets regularly.
  • Take out trash on a daily (sometimes more) basis. 
  • Weed lawns and flowerbeds on a weekly basis.
  • Clean statues and fixtures daily or every other day. 
  • Invest in high-performance cleaning equipment like a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and/or leaf blower.
  • Keep water systems clean

Vaccum Vs Leaf Blower?

Often times a leaf blower is an effective option for keeping your miniature golf course clean. Using a leaf blower will effectively remove most leaves, mulch and other small debris that accumulate on your course. It is a good idea to make this part of the daily opening responsibilities to ensure clean greens for your customers.

Occasionally, the use of a vaccum cleaner may be necessary to remove dirt that is more embedded in the mini golf carpet. Adding this to your maintenance routine will not only keep your mini golf course looking amazing, but will also extend the life of your carpet. 

Cleaning Your Miniature Golf Water Features

You may only need to do a deep clean of your miniature golf water systems once or twice per year, however there are some tasks that should be done on a more regular basis. You can use a net or skimmer to remove any golf ball or debris that may be floating in your ponds. It is not uncommon for some algae to build up on your water systems. The use of lake dye helps to reduce this, or if you prefer, adding a small amount of bleach occasionally will also limit the growth of algae. 

Having a consistent maintenance routine for your miniature golf course will improve your customers experience, and keep them coming back time and time again. Contact the experts at Harris Miniature Golf Courses today to get more information on starting your miniature golf business and creating a quality customer experience.