How to Leverage Social Media to Market Your Mini Golf Business

It’s neither a surprise nor a secret that technology has been permeating every part of the world, mini golf businesses included. Maintaining a positive social media presence for your course will help to drive your business forward. Harris Mini Golf will provide guidance on how to use social media to market your mini golf business here.

Changing Your Mini Golf Business’s Focus to Younger Clientele

The largest demographic using social media includes people from 18-34 years old; this is actually great news for your mini golf course business. Using social media to capitalize on this group is the perfect way to cater to a younger audience, as this age group makes up the bulk of Facebook and Instagram users. Mini golf is a universally enjoyed activity that people of all ages can enjoy, but if you’re looking to utilize social media to your benefit, focus on the target demographic that uses it most and the other audience sectors will trickle in. 

How to Draw Younger Clientele to Your Mini Golf Business

We can start coming up with innovative and original ways to promote your company on social media now that we’ve highlighted why you should be concentrating on a younger audience with this marketing strategy.

First, avoid making every post about mini golf. It is important to keep your pages interactive and interesting. Mini golf is all about the experience. Yes, mini golf in and of itself is fun, but the experience that goes with it is a major aspect. Consider the social elements, the snack stands, the communal feel, and any other draws that might be attractive to a younger crowd. Also think about aesthetics and make sure your mini golf business looks as pristine as can be. Millennials and Gen Z’ers care about this, so making it a priority will go a long way when you’re looking to boost your mini golf business.  

Additionally,  you must interact with others on social media. The best strategy is to publish actual photos from your mini golf course as well as videos of people playing (with their consent). Include clever captions, offer advice, tips for beginners, or even simply reshare/retweet the content your customers post. Another idea is to run a challenge or contest that has customers using specific hashtags about your mini golf business in their posts in exchange for a discounted game. This is a great way to stay engaged with your social media community and encourage a more active involvement with your mini golf course business in the process.

Managing a mini golf business may be challenging but doing it the right way will provide long-lasting results. When you invest in a mini golf business with Harris Mini Golf, we’ll help you every step of the way. We don’t only construct long-lasting structures—we also help mini golf business owners avoid some of the most typical errors they make while designing their own mini golf courses. To get started right now, contact us today!