There are so many ways to market a business nowadays. From traditional print ads and billboards to digital advertising to social media marketing, the options are endless. Almost every marketing avenue will provide at least some level of value, but word of mouth marketing cannot be discounted. A study by Nielsen showed that 92% of consumers around the world say that they trust recommendations from friends and family over many other forms of advertisements. Business owners, particular those who choose to build a mini-golf course on their premises, may find that word of mouth marketing goes a long way.

Word of Mouth for a Great Reputation

Good business owners know that the key to success comes from a positive customer experience. Miniature golf course owners can do this by making everything easy and convenient for customers who visit their establishments. Consider everything, from the moment they consider a visit to the end of the day when they leave the parking lot. When customers are at your miniature golf course, make sure that all staff are trained to provide exceptional customer service. Additionally, keep all amenities including restrooms and common areas tidy and clean. These small things make a major difference in a business’ reputation.

Help Build a Community

Make your mini golf course more than a business by developing a community. Greet customers with warmth and try to learn their names. This goes a long way to build both familiarity and encourage customers to come back time and time again. In addition to putting in the face time, consider sending customers follow-up emails to thank them for coming and maybe even include a discount for their next visit.

Another great way to encourage community within a miniature golf course is to implement loyalty reward programs. This allows mini golf business owners to show gratitude to returning customers and provide incentive for them to come back.

Gain Exposure with Social Media

Social media marketing can go hand in hand in with word-of-mouth advertising. Brands that have a strong social media presence can create a reputation that precedes them and inspires customers to visit in real life. Using social media to show off the most impressive aspects of your mini golf course, including documenting real-time experiences, using live-feeds, or reposting when customers tag you in posts or videos can be pivotal for building a following both online and on the course.

Gain Valuable Customer Reviews

Reviews can make or break any business. Give mini golfers the opportunity to share the fun times they had at your establishment for everyone to see by asking them to leave positive reviews. Third-party review websites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business can be instrumental for helping businesses boost their reputations. A word of caution, however, is to be strategic about this. Create incentives for leaving reviews, such as a 10% discount to be used at a follow-up booking. Only ask for reviews when you feel that customers are likely to give a positive response. Additionally, avoid long forms and extensive questionnaires, as these may turn off customers from leaving reviews due to inconvenience.

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