Organizing a mini golf  tournament is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and engage in a fun activity everyone can enjoy. Miniature golf tournaments are a great way to bring in new customers, and create a fun community event at your course. In this article, we share with you some tips on how to organize a mini golf tournament!


Choosing a Mini Golf Tournament Style

There are many ways to run a miniature golf tournament and each have their benefits. You may choose to allow contestants to enter the miniature golf tournament over a week or several week period. In this case the players typically operate on the honors system and can check their standing often, and even choose to play multiple times to get their lowest score possible. Then you can host a final round with the top players and scorekeepers to determine the tournament winner.

Another option is to host a one day tournament where players may enter a bracket style tournament. The tournament can be individual or team based. You may even choose to offer coupons for practice rounds for all players who sign up for the mini golf tournament in the weeks prior.

Promoting Your Event

You will need to promote your tournament at your miniature golf course as well as on social media and other local advertising opportunities as well. Creating a buzz about your event will also create a buzz about your miniature golf course and keep your community excited about your facility.

Think About Prizes

Prizes for your mini golf tournament don’t have to be anything grand, expensive, or elaborate, but having them is sure to up the ante on the fun. A prize can be something as simple as a free ice cream or a movie pass. You can also award fun prizes for the best-dressed team, the worst score, the friendliest player, and other categories, especially if you wish to give kids an equal chance of winning!

Remember the Snacks

If you do not typically serve food at your miniature golf course you may consider working with an external vendor or local food truck for the day of your event. Adding food and even other entertainment options such as a local band or small yard games will elevate the excitement for your miniature golf tournament.

Design a Course Where Players Can Host Mini Golf Tournaments

If you are a fan of mini golf and have been considering starting a mini golf course where players can host tournaments, Harris Mini Golf can help. We have been designing state-of-the-art miniature golf courses around the U.S. for over 60 years and would love to help you build yours today. Simply request for our investor’s kit to get started.