How to Tell if Your Artificial Turf Needs Replacing

Are you using artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass, on your mini golf course? The durability of artificial turf has significantly improved over the past decade, but it is important to remember is that it cannot last forever. If you’re wondering how to tell when it’s time to replace the artificial turf on your mini golf course, we’ve got answers! We put together this article to help you identify the signs that artificial turf needs to be replaced so you’ll know when it’s time.

Understanding the Appeal of Artificial Turf

Today, synthetic grass is produced in much the same way as a carpet. Its durability and bright green appearance makes artificial turf an attractive option for many town parks, mini golf courses, and other public spaces. Plus, there are tons of other benefits to using artificial turf. Doing so eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides and cuts down on the amount of water needed to keep the grass fresh and green. This could mean major savings in overhead costs for your business.

Does Your Artificial Turf Need Replacing?

If it’s been a while since you first installed your artificial turf, you may be wondering if it is nearing the end of its lifespan. Below are some ways you can tell that your artificial turf needs to be replaced:

  • Turf showing visible signs of damage

Synthetic grass isn’t immune to damage. Fortunately, it does hold up well to weather and temperature changes, however over time you will see signs of wear. With the large volume of players making their way through your course year after year, it is inevitable some areas will wear down. You will likely see this begin to happen at the tee off area and close to the cup there there is the most traffic.

  • The color of the synthetic grass has faded 

Most artificial grass is bright green, sometimes even greener than real grass. Customers may track dirt onto the green or spill food and beverages which overtime may cause stains and discoloration in the turf.  The color of your synthetic grass is not a safety concern, but it is important to keep up with the overall appearance of your mini golf course so your customers know you are committed to quality.

  • Seams of your artificial turf have started to come loose  

A professional turn installer will make sure that no seams are seen when the carpet installation is complete. Over time, however, these can start to loosen as the people are constantly walking and putting over them. Ripped, torn, or loose seams is a sign that your artificial turf needs replacing ASAP.

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