Indoor Vs. Outdoor Mini Golf: The Pros and Cons of Each

The possibility of having an off-season is one of the many reasons seasonal businesses are appealing to some business owners. Nevertheless, many company owners want year-round operations. An indoor mini golf course will be the ideal investment opportunity in such a situation. An outdoor mini golf course, however, can be the best course of action for you if you’re the sort of business owner that would want to include natural aspects into your mini golf course or if you operate in a warm-weather climate. Having trouble choosing between the two? Not to worry! To assist you in choosing between putting up an outdoor mini golf course or an indoor mini golf course, Harris Mini Golf has created a comparison guide right here.

Longer Operating Hours for Indoor Mini Golf Courses

The time of day, weather, and temperature are crucial determinants of the operation hours for seasonal businesses. Outdoor mini golf courses may be disrupted by rain, snow, sleet, and sometimes even fog. Indoor mini golf courses, on the other hand, can operate regardless of these barriers.

With indoor mini golf courses, players may putt all year round, whether it’s a scorching summer day or a cold winter day. This means that regardless of the season, your business can stay open for longer and potentially drum up new clientele. Additionally, playing mini golf in the day vs. night is not an obstacle you’ll have to face with an indoor mini golf course. It is still possible to play mini golf outdoors in the evening with certain lighting fixtures, but the lack of natural sunlight makes it considerably harder. 

Incorporating Nature Themes for Outdoor Mini Golf Courses

The use of themes on the golf course has the potential to improve the whole experience, but it must be done correctly. Outdoor mini golf courses provide an excellent natural backdrop that you can easily enhance with landscaping and water features.  By utilizing natural materials rather than spending money to create artificial surroundings that would approximate a natural theme for your consumers, you could possibly save yourself thousands of dollars. Indoor miniature golf courses may require a bit more creativity to create the theme and environment for your course, however this can be accomplished when working with the right mini golf course development partner.

Maintenance Costs for Mini Golf Courses

Indoor mini golf courses let you avoid paying for landscaping and a lot of the typical maintenance costs that come along with it. Most indoor mini golf courses utilize mock landscaping and artificial greenery that doesn’t require much or any maintenance. With an outdoor miniature golf course you are able to avoid building maintenance that can be costly. While miniature golf courses are relatively inexpensive to maintain, there are some costs associated with and this should be considered when determining your location.   

Work with Harris Mini Golf

Operating indoor and outdoor mini golf courses have benefits and considerations, and there is a compelling argument on both sides. When you invest in a mini golf company with Harris Mini Golf, we will be there for you every step of the way. We have been creating, developing, building, and assisting mini golf course companies to expand for almost 60 years. We don’t only build durable structures; we also provide business owners guidance on how to avoid some of the most frequent errors they make when building their own mini golf courses. To get started, contact us right now!