Mini golf is a well-loved game for children and adults of all ages, which makes it a go-to family-friendly activity. Still, it can be frustrating for younger children if they’re playing against their older siblings or parents. Because they’re smaller and less experienced, they may feel like they have no chance of winning. There are, however, ways to make sure playing mini golf with kids stays fun for everyone involved.

Keeping it Fun When Playing Mini Golf with Kids

Check Out Reviews & Amenities Before You Go

You may have planned a spontaneous trip to a mini golf course before and had everything work out perfectly, but if you’re looking to make mini golf fun for kids, it’s best to check out the reviews and amenities ahead of time. This is particularly important if you are bringing very young kids or kids who use mobility devices. Fortunately, every mini golf course built by Harris Mini Golf is fully ADA-compliant. Some online reviews may mention accessibility; if they don’t, give the location a call to make sure they have what you need.

Safety First

Keeping everyone safe should always be a priority, whether or not you’re playing mini golf with kids. To make sure everyone has fun and doesn’t hurt themselves, lay down the ground rules before playing. Speak with kids about not swinging the putter when it’s not their turn, as this can easily result in injuries if they accidentally hit someone. Also make sure to review the specific mini golf course’s rules and regulations.

Modify the Rules for Younger Children

Younger kids may need some accommodations in order to have fun playing mini golf. Have some grace when it comes to this, especially if you’re playing with a mix of ages. It may be necessary to modify some of the rules in order to keep mini golf fun for kids; that’s just par for the course. Some examples include allowing kids to use their hands, giving them a second hit if their ball stops rolling, and allowing them to play off an adult’s shot.

Challenge Older Children to Beat You for a Reward

Older kids like preteens and teenagers often develop a competitive streak. Keep things interesting by challenging them to beat mom or dad as an extra special way to have fun playing mini golf. Consider upping the ante by offering a reward for winning, such as ice cream or merch from the mini golf gift shop. 

Design A Mini Golf Course for the Entire Family

If you are looking for a profitable business idea or are considering adding a mini golf course to your existing premises, Harris Mini Golf can help. Our experts are here to design, develop, and customize a miniature golf course for you with just the right blend of easy and challenging holes so the whole family can have fun. To find out more and get started, we encourage you to request an investor’s kit today.