Maintenance Tips For An Immaculate Mini Golf Course

Keeping your miniature golf course well-maintained is one of the most important aspects of running a mini golf course. Fortunately, miniature golf courses are relatively simple to maintain, and we have a few tips. With players regularly coming in and out, using equipment, and spending time on the mini golf courses, maintenance is key for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all customers. Follow these mini golf course maintenance tips to make sure that your miniature golf course business stays in tip top condition no matter the season.

Landscape Maintenance and Watering in Mini Golf Courses

Maintaining a well-landscaped mini golf course enhances the experience for customers who will likely return for many more rounds in the future. Daily maintenance includes clearing the greens of any debris, an easy way to do this is with a leaf blower. Also, check each hole to be sure no rocks or mulch have blocked it. For aesthetics and greenery, consider working with a local landscaper to identify easy to maintain plants that can be enhance the appeal of your miniature golf course. We typically recommend greens that provide a large ground cover such as juniper.

Rain is also an area of consideration for outdoor miniature golf courses. When it rains, water will drain between the bricks into your landscaping to help your greens dry and allow players to return quicky. You can help speed up this process further by using a squeegee as needed.

Miniature Golf Course Pond and Water System Maintenance

Miniature golf courses with ponds and water systems are easier to maintain than some might think. Some mini golf course business owners choose to periodically pressure-wash their water systems, as this can be a great way to remove dirt and debris. It is also a good idea to inspect these systems for cracks and seal them if needed. If your course is located in an area where temperatures drop below freezing it is important to winterize your water systems each year. We provide detailed instructions on this process for our course owners in our Construction Manuel.

Mini Golf Course Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal

The golf greens are safe to be vacuumed as needed, and a garden hose is sufficient to clean any stains. A pressure washer can be damaging to the greens, as an alternative if you need to remove embedded soil, use a soft bristle brush or carpet rake before thoroughly rinsing it with a garden hose. An additional step to take for carpet cleaning is to use a water extractor once every six to 12 months. For an easy fix for small cuts in the carpet, try using clear glue to set loose fibers. In the event you need to remove gum, try 3M Gum Remover or WD-40.

Schedule Regular Maintenance by Working with Your Staff

Maintaining your minigolf course can be simple if you create a daily routine for your team members. In addition to the mini golf course maintenance there may be other daily tasks the staff will need to complete. Put together a schedule for your staff and be specific about assigning them tasks so nothing falls through the cracks. This will help your staff and keep your golf course looking great and running smoothly to ensure the best possible customer experience!

Looking to Design and Construct a Mini Golf Course?

If you are looking to design, develop, build, and run your own mini golf course, the team at Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. can help. Harris has the tools and experience to help you succeed. No matter the contours and features of your grounds, Harris will design a mini golf course that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Every miniature golf course we build is ADA-compliant and adheres to both state and local regulations, so you can trust that your course will be both fun and safe. For any questions about our services or to discuss how we can meet your particular needs, please feel free to contact us today.