Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc., is confident in our ability to design and develop the mini golf course your Michigan business needs. As a leading mini golf course designer and contractor with over 60 years of experience, we understand that many business owners in Michigan may not be aware of the fine details about miniature golf business. For this, we have an investor kit designed to help first time mini golf course owners get all the information that you need. Give us a call today for a free quote.

About Michigan

Michigan is well known for having the nation’s longest freshwater coastline, an abundance of lakes and beaches, extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, and plenty of opportunities for recreation. While Lansing is the capital of Michigan, Detroit has retained the nickname for being America’s Great Comeback City.

Miniature Golf Course Design and Construction Services in Michigan

One of the reasons that your mini golf business is likely to do well in Michigan is because the activity is a major hobby not only within the state, but also within the entirety of the U.S. At Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc., we’ll help you and the rest of the Michiganders tap into this American pastime. Harris will customize your mini golf course to not only fit the theme of your business but also your budget.

Mini Golf Course Investment Opportunities in Michigan

Miniature Golf in Michigan can help almost any business increase revenue and see profit margins grow. This makes mini golf in Michigan a great investment opportunity. Miniature golf is versatile, so it appeals to almost everyone. The game attracts players both young and old for several reasons. Mini golf in Michigan is easy to understand and simple to play but provides endless entertainment. Plus, running a mini golf does not require much startup capital due to low maintenance costs and minimal equipment. Some other reasons investing in a mini golf course for your Michigan business would be wise include:

  • Miniature golf attracts a wide range of different demographics, meaning more potential customers for your business
  • Mini golf is a relatively easy game to both learn and play on a regular basis
  • It is easy to scale up miniature golf courses by adding different features and alternating how challenging your courses are

Types of Clients We Serve in Michigan

  • Campgrounds and Mini Golf Courses
  • Miniature Golf at Amusement Parks and Family Entertainment Centers
  • Mini and Regular Golf Courses and Driving Ranges
  • Miniature Golf at Hotels and Resorts
  • Mini Golf at Retail Centers and Commercial Spaces
  • Miniature Golf at Cities and Parks
  • Ice Cream Shops and Mini Golf
  • Mini Golf at Restaurants and Bars
  • Bowling Alleys and Miniature Golf Courses
  • Miniature Golf at Colleges and Universities
  • Mini Golf at Military Bases (Domestic and International)
  • Summer Camps with Miniature Golf Courses

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc?

Coming to Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. for your mini golf course design and construction means you will be working with the best in the business. Our over 60 years of expertise and experience means you can trust us to design a mini golf course that complies with state and federal regulations, including those set by the Americans With Disabilities (ADA). We build miniature golf courses that are accessible to all Michigan residents.

If you are interested in starting a mini golf business in Michigan, please do not hesitate to request a FREE and no-obligation Investor’s Kit today.