Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. specializes in designing and building scenic miniature golf courses for clients interested in delving into the mini golf industry. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Harris knows just how to design and build miniature golf courses while keeping the process smooth and easy from start to finish. With unique, custom designs, Harris Miniature Golf is the partner you want when developing a mini golf course.

Just like mini golf, bowling is a favorite pastime amongst many Americans. Pairing the two activities together may be one of the best ways for any entertainment arena to maximize profits and see its true potential in customer satisfaction.

Bowling in the US

Bowling in the United States is a major industry. Comprised of approximately 3,700 businesses that incorporate both single-location establishments and multi-location companies, the bowling alley industry and bowling as a whole is about a $3 Billion industry. With so much to offer in the recreational activity space, the average bowling alley can expect to earn an estimated $36,750 per lane per annum.

Mini Golf Courses and Bowling Alleys

The mini golf course industry serves more than 130 million customers each year, spanning individuals of all ages. The miniature golf industry earns over $1Billion in revenue per annum. As a low maintenance entity, mini golf courses are relatively easy to run and generally low cost. This allows owners to cover their initial investments usually within their first year or two of business. Pairing mini golf and bowling is a no-brainer, as the two recreational activities complement each other so well.

Benefits of Constructing a Mini Golf Course for Bowling Alleys

Adding a mini golf course into the current layout of your bowling alley is a great way to both diversify and increase the prospects of one’s business. People love options, so giving customers an additional choice for how they want to spend their time in your space is useful for helping increase traffic and raise profits. Mixing mini golf and bowling is great for all ages and abilities, making the entire experience more inclusive. Some families might have kids of different ages; while some kids could be old enough and strong enough to manage the weight of a heavy bowling ball, younger tots might do better with an entry-level mini golf course. The great thing about having the two of these in the same space is that there is something for everyone. By offering variety, your entertainment center will be better recognized as an all-access space that everyone can enjoy.

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

Harris Miniature Golf has served the mini golf course industry for over 60 years. Our team has the experience customers need for custom designs that cater to any expectation. We have built more than 800 mini golf courses for clients all over the world and feel confident that we can do the same for you. Our team works with state-of-the-art color CAD design to provide clients with a realistic rendition of what their mini golf course will look like. Upon completion, our team will work with your establishment to get you set up with the marketing and operational support you need to successfully run your new business venture.

If you have any questions about mini golf course construction and design services for bowling alleys, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with us or request a free investor’s kit today.