Mini golf and ice cream shops go together like fresh lemonade on a hot summer day. As the perfect activity for summertime fun, a mini golf course could be just what your ice cream shop needs to boost business and draw in customers. Increase revenue, diversify your offerings, and provide customers with a fun activity by incorporating a mini golf course with your ice cream shop today.

Ice Cream Shops and More

Gone are the days of ice cream shops simply offering the standard chocolate and vanilla. Nowadays, ice cream shops and stores have gotten unique and creative. From daring toppings to innovative new flavors, ice cream shops have taken things up a notch and expanded upon their offerings to present customers with a curated experience. In that same vein, why not think beyond the ice cream? Ice cream shops looking to deliver an all-encompassing experience might consider building a miniature golf course on their grounds. Outdoor seating is the perfect place to enjoy an ice cream cone; encourage customers to stay a little longer and elevate their time spent by playing a game (or three) of mini golf at an ice cream shop.

Benefits of Building a Mini Golf Course at Your Ice Cream Shop

The initial draw of an ice cream shop may be the delicious ice cream, and rightly so. That said, having something for customers to do beyond eating ice cream could be lucrative for business in a variety of ways. Having a miniature golf course at your ice cream shop will differentiate your shop from the competition and take the overall experience past the ice cream. Some additional benefits of having mini golf at ice cream shops include:

  • Encourage customers to stay longer, generating more revenue
  • Provide value-added service, making it more likely that customers will revisit
  • Attract customers looking for a fun activity in which to partake during or after their ice cream
  • Offer a family-friendly, fun activity that everyone can participate in

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

These days, it’s important to diversify one’s offerings. While being a “jack of all trades” could be too scattered, finding things that pair well with one another will make any experience more enjoyable for customers.  In addition to a host of other reasons, ice cream and mini golf work well for the family-oriented, recreational, and outdoor elements. Turn to Harris Miniature Golf to help this dream become a reality. From design to construction, the engineers and architects at Harris Miniature Golf know exactly what you need for a successful miniature golf course. Regardless of your space, our team will work around the existing features and contour of your grounds.

Harris Miniature Golf offers custom designs that will both meet and exceed customers’ expectations. The mini golf courses we build are also ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) to ensure that individuals of all abilities can enjoy their time spent on the mini golf course.

Learn more about designing and building a mini golf course for your ice cream shop and schedule a consultation today.