College campuses are some of the most beautiful, well-designed spaces lucky individuals may ever have the chance to live in. Colleges and universities know that in order to attract students, they need to have a campus that meets prospect students’ expectations. Incoming freshmen want to be impressed, so colleges and universities often amplify their campuses with state-of-the-art fitness facilities, extravagant dining halls, and rec centers. Having a miniature golf course on campus would certainly raise some eyebrows in the best way possible. Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. designs and constructs mini golf courses for educational establishments looking to add a picturesque entertainment feature to their premises. Our team is made up of experienced design consultants who aim to make the entire process simple from start to finish.

College Campuses and Universities

Colleges and universities are institutions of higher education designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn new skills, grow, and find out more about both themselves and the world around them. There are about 4,000 colleges in the US; an estimated 19.6 million students attended college in the US in just 2018 alone. Many students decide to live on campus as a way to both establish their independence and start a new phase of their lives. By providing fun activities such as mini golf on college campuses, higher education institutions can not only help ease the transition to college life, but also make their students’ experiences on campus even more enjoyable.

About the Mini Golf Course Industry

Mini golf courses are part of a highly profitable industry that can easily achieve more than USD 1 billion of revenues annually. Low maintenance, easily accessible, and simple to run, mini golf courses may be just what your college campus needs.

Benefits of Constructing a Mini Golf Course on Colleges Campuses and Universities

Mini golf courses lend themselves well to college campuses for a host of reasons. Beneficial to both students and faculty, a miniature golf course can be the perfect place for students to form new friendships and take part in a constructive activity while not on class. College sports can be great for bonding and teambuilding, but not everyone is a competitive athlete. Miniature golf presents an alternative to those who might want the feeling of being on a team without the commitment and competition involved in college sports.

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. has built over 800 mini golf courses for clients across the globe. Our extensive portfolio of satisfied customers showcases positive feedback across the board.  The team at Harris Miniature Golf has ample field experience in custom designs, all of which are produced using CAD designs. Upon the completion of each project, our team will also provide you with the necessary promotional and operational support to ensure that your mini golf course will continue running smoothly and successfully. Work with Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc., and you can expect pure dedication from a team with more than 50 years of experience constructing and improving mini golf courses.

For any questions about mini golf course construction and design services for colleges and universities, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with us or request a free investor’s kit today.