Have fun in the sun whether on the beach or the golf course with miniature golf at your hotel or resort. Vacationers go to hotels and resorts for R&R: rest and relaxation. Their goal is to take a load off and enjoy the simple pleasures of leisure time. What better way than with a simple, fun activity like mini golf? Easy to play and even easier to love, mini golf is the perfect activity to incorporate into any hotel or resort. Harris Miniature Golf makes designing and building miniature golf courses at hotels and resorts a breeze from start to finish.

The Hotel & Resort and Hospitality Industry

Hotels and resorts are so much more than just a comfortable place to stay the night. While every hotel & resort varies in its offerings, many have amenities that include on-campus restaurants, bars, health spas, gyms and fitness centers, pools, and other recreational areas. Hotels that provide additional amenities set themselves apart from the competition. Having a mini golf course on the premises could be just what prospective guests need to book their stay at your establishment.

Benefits of Building a Mini Golf Course at Your Hotel or Resort

Expand the recreational and entertainment offerings of your hotel or resort with a mini golf course.  Perfect for families with kids of all ages, mini golf gives guests yet another option of how they want to spend their time on vacation. Some additional benefits of having a miniature golf course at your hotel or resort include:

  • Attract new guests of all ages
  • Provide guests with a unique experience
  • Expand on the entertainment and recreational options available to guests
  • Encourage bonding between family and friends
  • Generate additional revenue when guests spend more time at your establishment
  • Promote an all-inclusive experience

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

Adding a miniature golf course to a hotel or resort could make all the difference in a guest’s stay. Harris Miniature Golf wants your hotel or resort to see success in every area. That’s why we make it easy to design and construct mini golf courses for hotels and resorts. While general contractors and construction companies may have plenty of experience in everyday building, Harris Miniature Golf specializes in building mini golf courses. We come equipped with the right experience to help get your miniature golf course up and running smoothly and successfully.

Every mini golf course we build can be custom designed to meet your exact specifications. Not only do we build beautiful courses, but we also do so while remaining compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This makes mini golf an activity that is inclusive and available to individuals of all abilities. With over 800 courses built in the past 50 years, Harris Miniature Golf is confident that you will love your course as much as our hundreds of satisfied customers.

For any questions about mini golf course construction and design services for hotels and resorts, please schedule a consultation with us or request a free investor’s kit today.