Summers spent at camp are some of the most coveted memories any kid will have. Adding a miniature golf course to your summer camp could be just what your camp needs. Work with Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. to make that dream a reality. With an experienced team of mini golf experts, and the capacity to custom design mini golf courses to your exact wants and needs, Harris Miniature Golf is committed to building a mini golf course that will make the summer camp experience even more memorable.

About Summer Camps

Ask any kid or teenager about their favorite part of summer and they will probably tell you how much they love summer camp. Whether it is day camp or sleepaway camp, summer camp can be some of the most special times in any child’s life. While the school year can involve Mondays-Fridays spent indoors, summer camp is all about outside play. Kids often learn valuable skills and form lifelong friendships with the people they meet at summer camp.

About the Mini Golf Course Industry

Mini golf is an American pastime favorite amongst many. As an industry that typically grosses over $1 billion per year, mini golf brings in an average of over 130 million customers annually.  Both aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners love owning mini golf courses, as they involve low maintenance costs but can reap high rewards. Running a mini golf course can be the perfect addition to any business looking to diversify its entertainment or recreational activity options.

Benefits of Constructing a Mini Golf Course at Summer Camps

Summer camps are perfect for encouraging kids to participate in the great outdoors. With plenty of outdoor activities including team sports, hiking, campfires, and more, outdoor time at summer camp can be ideal for team building and forming long-lasting bonds. Bringing a mini golf course to your summer camp can help expand upon the list of activities available to campers of all ages.

Another benefit of having a mini golf course on campus is that it can be opened to others while camp is not in session.  Summer camp typically runs for only three months out of the year, but mini golf can be a year-round activity enjoyed by anyone.

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. is known for our high level of professionalism and expertise. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Harris has helped more than 800 clients design and construct mini golf courses in a variety of settings and environments. Harris Miniature Golf provides fixed pricing to ensure trust and peace of mind. We design mini golf courses using the latest CAD design software for high-tech, innovative custom designs. Upon completion, customers can expect post-service marketing and operational support from our team of experts who will see to it that your mini golf course launches successfully.

For any questions about building a mini golf course at your summer camp, feel free to schedule a consultation with us or request a free investor’s kit today.