City parks are some of the most coveted havens within an urban area. Also known as urban parks, municipal gardens and metropolitan parks, city parks exist to provide city residents with a bit of greenery to break up the busy streets that they spend most of their time in. City parks often have basketball courts, playgrounds, pools, barbecue grills, and general seating areas, but adding a miniature golf course to a city park could be a major game changer for any space. Urban space planning managers who want mini golf courses in their city parks seek out the best to help them build the mini golf course of their dreams. From start to finish, Harris Miniature Golf does it all.

About City Parks

City parks are public spaces that offer city residents a bit of respite within an urban setting. While the hustle and bustle of living in a city can be fun and exciting, it can still be important to take a break and experience the outdoors. Recreational activities in city parks make these spaces more inviting and encourage individuals of all ages to spend time in them. Having a mix of activities and general areas to enjoy the space is important, as it allows those enjoying city parks to take what they want from the space without feeling too crowded. Having a miniature golf course in a city park is a great way to diversify the activities that the space offers without intruding on the current recreational layout.

Benefits of Constructing a Mini Golf Course in City Parks

Are you looking to expand the recreation areas of your park and offer something new and exciting to residents? Building a miniature golf course in an urban park is both unique and a perfect fit. In addition to diversifying the offerings, there are a host of other benefits that constructing a mini golf course in a city park can bring. These include:

  • Introduce a fun and safe activity for the whole family no matter their age
  • Add a new option to the wide range of activities already offered in the park
  • Encourage friendly competition and bonding time between family and friends
  • Attract more visitors to the park
  • Foster community bonding within the neighborhood

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

A miniature golf course may be just what your city park has been missing. Harris Miniature Golf knows all about building miniature golf courses. We have the experience, tools, expertise, and guidance city planners need to make designing and constructing a mini golf course simple and easy. With industry experts, Harris Miniature Golf is dedicated to building a miniature golf course that will not only be fun but also safe. Our mini golf courses are all built to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This provides individuals of all abilities equal opportunity to enjoy our structures.

For questions on what is involved in designing and building a mini golf course in a city park, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us or request a free investor’s kit today.