No amusement park or family entertainment center is complete without a miniature golf course. As a family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy, mini golf is a great way to draw in new customers of all ages to amusement parks and family entertainment centers. Designing and building a miniature golf course in an amusement park can help expand clientele whether you build it on existing grounds or start with something new. Turn to the experts at Harris Miniature Golf to help develop the perfect miniature golf course for any space.

About Amusement Parks/Family Entertainment Centers

Amusement parks are known for their fun rides, games, and entertainment grounds. These family entertainment centers are perfect for families with kids of almost any age. Unlike carnivals or fairs, amusement parks are permanent, which means they can have permanent structures like mini golf courses. While thrill seekers may love roller coasters and Ferris wheels, miniature golf courses offer tons of fun in a subtler setting. These kinds of activities make sure that there is something for everyone when the family visits an amusement park.

Benefits of Having a Mini Golf Course at an Amusement Park/Family Entertainment Center

Are you looking to vary up the activities and attract new and different customers? If so, building a mini golf course at an amusement park could be the way to do it. Some benefits of miniature golf courses at family entertainment centers and amusement parks include:

  • Family fun for everyone! While older kids might love adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, grandparents and young children can still have fun on the mini golf course.
  • Amusement parks that are centered around themes make it easy to design golf courses that fit right in.
  • With an additional activity for guests, a mini golf course at an amusement park could lead to a whole new revenue stream.

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc. for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

Adding a miniature golf course to an amusement park or family entertainment center could be exactly what you need to diversify clientele, attract new customers, and keep up with family-friendly activities. Harris Miniature Golf knows all about designing and building miniature golf courses, no matter the environment. Our experienced team is ready to create the golf course of your dreams. Our team will work within the constructs of your current space and build unique features that suit your requirements.

Every mini golf course Harris Miniature Golf builds is custom designed to meet business owners’ specifications. Furthermore, every golf course we build is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure accessibility for individuals of all abilities. With over 800 courses built over the past 50 years, the team at Harris Miniature Golf would be more than happy to put prospective customers in touch with some of our previous clients for testimonials and feedback.

If you have any questions about mini golf course construction and design services for amusement parks and family entertainment centers, Harris Miniature Golf is here to help. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us or ask for a free investor’s kit today.