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About Military Bases (Domestic and International)

Military bases are directly owned and operated for or by the military. A military base may also be used to support one of the military’s branches in the form of accommodating military personnel and equipment. Additionally, both domestic and international military bases exist to facilitate a wide variety of other military operations and training for military personnel from different units. They may serve as training grounds, command centers, or proving grounds.

About the Mini Golf Course Industry

Mini golf is a more than billion dollar recreational/entertainment industry. Serving more than 130 million customers each year comprised of people of all ages, mini golf is both financially lucrative and purposeful. On average, a mini golf establishment can expect recoup their investment within the first 1-2 years. As a low maintenance entity, a mini golf course is an easy way for almost any business to generate new revenue.

Benefits of Constructing a Mini Golf Course for Your Military Base (Domestic and International)

Constructing a mini golf course on a military base provides soldiers and trainees with a recreational area in which to take a break after a long day of training.  While military work is serious and requires exceptional discipline, it is still important to have entertainment options apart from the gym. Mini golf courses on military bases can provide soldiers with the opportunity to take a mental break, which in turn could optimize their performance while on duty. Additionally, this is the perfect family activity for the military families living on base as well. The operational costs of running a mini golf course are low, making it a simple and easy decision to build one on a military base

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

Harris Miniature Golf Courses Inc. has been recognized as a national leader in the design and construction of mini golf courses. We have been serving clients across various industries for over 50 years and have built over 800 mini golf courses for customers all across the globe. Our team displays professionalism in every regard. We have the capacity to take on any custom design, always making sure to cater our customers’ wants and needs. Here are Harris Miniature Golf, we offer a fixed price guarantee, ensuring customers that the rates we’ve discussed are exactly what they will be paying. Harris Miniature Golf also provides marketing and operational support to help customers navigate new mini golf course operations smoothly.

For any questions about mini golf course construction and design services for domestic and international military bases, feel free to schedule a consultation with us or request a free investor’s kit today.