If you are looking to start a mini golf course business in North Dakota, you have come to the right place at Harris Mini Golf. All of our clients benefit from the vast experience and expertise our team has accumulated in more than 60 years. To date, we have successfully built over 800 mini golf courses and we look forward to helping you build the next major success.

About North Dakota

Located in the upper Midwest portion of the US, North Dakota is the 19th largest state and the 4th most sparsely populated in the country. Almost 20% of its residents are based in Fargo, the state’s largest city. The rich natural resources that can be found in North Dakota have been crucial to the economic development of the United States since the beginning of the 20th century.

Miniature Golf Course Design and Construction Services in North Dakota

Come to us at Harris Miniature Golf Courses and you can rest assured that our professional team is well-equipped to take on your project. From providing marketing and promotional support to designing a course that incorporates the right blend of easy and difficult holes, we will be with you every step of the way. We offer onsite design improvements at no additional cost as our construction crews are highly experiences and understand how to make an attractive and well playing miniature golf course.

Mini Golf Course Investment Opportunities in North Dakota

Need a reason to invest in a miniature golf course business in North Dakota? We have several! Read on to find out why a miniature golf course is a wise investment:

  • Low overhead costs can be expected. The equipment you will require includes golf balls, putters, and scorecards, which are all relatively inexpensive.
  • Miniature golf business see a quick return on investment and high yearly profits.
  • The cost of liability insurance can be kept low when compared to that of high-risk sports and activities.

Types of Clients We Serve in North Dakota

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • City Parks and Outdoor Campgrounds
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hospitality Venues – Hotels and Resorts
  • Retail Centers and Shopping Malls
  • Family Parks and Amusement Centers
  • Restaurants, Pubs and Ice Cream Shops
  • Military Bases

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc?

At Harris Miniature Golf, we pride ourselves on designing golf courses that customers will want to return to time and again. We believe that a great design is the key to generating a sustainable profit over the years. Work with us and you can trust that we will never skimp on detail when constructing your golf course.

If you are interested in starting a mini golf business in North Dakota, please do not hesitate to request a FREE and no-obligation Investor’s Kit today.