After a long winter, it’s exciting to think about preparing your mini golf course for a spring reopening! Many outdoor miniature golf courses pause operations during the winter but open back up once the weather starts to warm. If that sounds like you, it’s important to have a plan in place to prepare the course for its seasonal reopening. Below is a list of several things to do before you’re ready to welcome players back to the green.

Write a Checklist

In the final weeks of winter, write down a checklist of all the things you think your mini golf course business needs to be up and running in the next month. You probably winterized your mini golf course to protect it during the colder months. Now it’s time to reverse all of that and get it ready for the players. If you need assistance opening your water features back up and running, refer to your Operator’s Manual provided by Harris Miniature Golf Courses or reach out directly.

Keeping a checklist of what needs to be done can help you stay organized. As you complete tasks (e.g. unpack golf clubs, vacuum the greens, etc.) you can start to check items off the list. Before you know it, you’ll feel more settled and ready for the spring season ahead.

Check Inventory and Upkeep Needs

The winter break can be a great time to do an inventory check and see what you need. How are you doing on supplies? Does anything need to be restocked? Are balls and clubs still in good condition? Do you need scorecards and writing supplies? It could be a good idea to buy these things now so you don’t run out once you’re in the height of the season.

Maintenance matters also have to be addressed. Check for things that need repairs or reinstallations. Look at the paint, flags, sticks, turf, and other elements to make sure they’re in tip top shape before the spring.

Prepare your Landscaping

As you prepare to open, it is important to have your landscaping in place. Plants that provide large ground cover, but minimal maintenance are a great option. Small rocks and stone are a preferred alternative to mulch which can be difficult to clean off the greens.

Hire Additional Staff

Prepare for the spring season ahead by making sure your mini golf course is adequately staffed. While some employees may return from last year, others may be on a contractual or seasonal basis. This is often the case if you hire college students. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it is important to hire new staff in time for your reopening. You’ll also need to factor in time to train new employees and make sure that they feel prepared for their responsibilities in the upcoming season.

Preparing your mini golf course for spring reopening is exciting! With the right team in place, you’ll be sure to have a profitable season ahead. For any questions or to get started, call the professionals here at Harris Mini Golf.