Boosting Revenue For Your

Mini golf is a fun, easy way to spend time with friends and family. A community with a miniature golf course is lucky to have such an accessible form of recreational entertainment at their fingertips. Generating a following for a miniature golf course business, however, can be challenging, especially if the community is unfamiliar with the activity. That’s why we put together a guide for how to promote your miniature golf course within your community. These tips can help boost brand awareness and profitability for your business.

Implement a Loyalty System for Local Residents

One of the benefits of living in a community is getting access to local perks. Encourage local residents to frequent your course by offering them discounts, reduced rates, or coupons. Also consider implementing a loyalty reward system like a digital punch card that offers the 10th visit free. This may entice local mini golfers who frequent your course to come even more often.

Host Birthday Parties at Your Mini Golf Course

Birthday parties are back! People are always looking for a great venue to host a birthday party, so why not market your miniature golf course accordingly? Mini golf course birthday parties are great for a number of reasons. The game is fun and exciting, yet easy to play. This means it works well for both kids and adults. Additionally, having a mini golf birthday party provides a built-in activity, which means less planning on the parents’ part. Consider coordinating with local caterers for food, tables, cutlery, lighting, seating, and music, and your miniature golf course business will double as a party room before you know it.

Use Your Miniature Golf Course for Fundraisers

Charities, nonprofits, and other fundraising initiatives always need a space to hold their events and generate awareness. If your miniature golf course has the capacity to do so, consider offering to host a fundraising event for a local organization. This will not only win your business major points in the community’s book but will also be a great way to get additional exposure and promote your miniature golf course to a new audience.

Encourage Guests to Share on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly. Encourage customers to take selfies at your mini golf course before, during, or after they play. Ask them to tag you in their posts and use a specific hashtag to help your business gain more brand awareness. It may also be worthwhile to consider running social media challenges and contests to incentivize players to post. Small things like gifting a random winner a set of golf clubs could go a long way for the number of shares, likes, and reposts that this form of organic advertising could generate.

All our course owners are provided with a free marketing manual. For more on how to promote your miniature golf course business, or to get started on the journey, please contact us today at Harris Mini Golf.