A Fun Family Entertainment Business

In the family entertainment business market, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs but there are not many that are as profitable as miniature golf. Find out how lucrative a mini golf course business is with our mini golf revenue calculator. More than 130 million people play miniature golf every year with an excess of $1 billion annually in industry revenues. From children to senior citizens, miniature golf appeals to players of all ages. What’s more, it’s a fun business to operate.

Increase Community Engagement

Mini golf has the power to elevate community engagement by providing a fun and family-friendly space for residents. The course becomes a social hub, enabling you to host parties and events, fostering connections and creating lasting memories. This shared recreational space not only brings joy to families but also contributes positively to the overall well-being and cohesion of the community.

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Every business needs a powerful marketing plan to guarantee its success, and today’s mini golf operators have to use aggressive tactics for market share. A successful business owner must triumph over the competition. Just being the owner doesn’t guarantee achievement. A well-designed, well-constructed and attractive Harris miniature golf course will support you in your long-term success.

Low Overhead

One of the benefits about running a mini golf course business is the low cost of supplies – balls, scorecards, and putters, and staff overhead (usually one or two employees to man the day-to-day operation). On top of this, liability insurance for a miniature golf course operation is relatively inexpensive.

Investment, Payback & Profits

The cost of building your course will naturally depend on the size and scope of your project, and the features you choose to make your course unique and attractive. Depending on construction costs and course design, many of our clients recover their initial investment within the first 18 months of operation. Actual results vary from site to site. Through discussing with existing mini golf course owners, the courses with the highest revenue are in good locations, well run, and with a good marketing strategy. Get our investors kit today.