The Mini Golf Construction Process-minThe first step in building a miniature golf course involves choosing a mini golf course construction company that is both skillful and experienced. In addition to the look and feel of your dream golf course, there are several considerations one must make prior to beginning the process.  Factors for the construction of any mini golf course project include:

  • Golf Course Site Location and Layout
  • Size of the Mini Golf Course: 9, 18, 27 or 36-hole golf course
  • Overall Appearance of the Golf Course and Greens
  • Flow of Play
  • Mini Golf Hole Characteristics
  • Features: Waterfalls, caves, streams, plash ponds, etc.
  • Golf Course Theme (optional)

How Long Will it Take to Build a Mini Golf Course?

The amount of time it takes to design and develop a mini golf course may vary based on the complexity, size, and scale of the project. On average, designing a miniature golf course takes about 2-3 weeks. Once the design has been finalized, the next step is to move onto construction. The construction process typically spans anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks, taking into consideration circumstantial setbacks like weather and other uncontrollable factors.

The Approach to Building a Miniature Golf Course

Mini golf construction companies will likely bring their own crew and Project Managers to facilitate the construction process. It is the project manager’s job to pay attention to all design details and oversee the process as a whole. This helps maintain the integrity of the project and ensures that the miniature golf construction company will deliver on the high quality you, as a customer, expect.

While most of the construction work will be done by the mini golf construction company’s crew, certain electrical work may need to be completed by a locally licensed contractor. Another consideration is landscaping and grading; these may also need to be contracted locally to ensure the best savings and development of the golf course.

Mini Golf Construction Process

Every miniature golf course construction company has their own process, but there are several standard steps that most companies take.

  1. Site Selection: Clients and companies research sites keeping in mind that typical 18-hole courses require 15,000-20,000 square feet in addition to space for the clubhouse and parking.
  2. Site Layout: The client will provide the golf course construction company with a topographical drawing of the site. This draft should include a block diagram of the layout with the area for the golf course, clubhouse, parking, and/or other attractions. The construction company will then be able to lay out a 9, 18, 27 or 36-hole mini golf course based on these specifications.
  3. Course Design: This can be a collaborative experience between the golf course construction company and the client or can be left to the discretion of the construction company. Involved in this step are considerations of budget, features, and other factors that will make the course stand out from the competition.
  4. Project Financing: Securing financing is an essential component to building any mini golf course. Great construction companies will provide detailed design documents to help clients secure financing through local lending institutions or acquire loans through the Small Business Administration.
  5. Permits and Approvals: Mini golf construction companies should provide detailed design documents for the clients to submit to local zoning boards and planning officials. These documents will help reviewers better understand the requirements needed to approve the project. The construction company should be able to create new renderings and drawings using a CAD system should anything need to be changed to meet municipality requirements.
  6. Pre-Construction: After signing the construction agreement, the client and construction company will hold a pre-construction meeting to review expectations, schedules, and deliverables.
  7. Construction: Clients visit the construction site regularly to check on progress and discuss with construction company. Involved in the mini golf construction process are the construction workers, the construction foreman, and Project Manager.

Where to Turn for Miniature Golf Course Construction

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