Tips And Tricks For Perfecting Mini Golf Skills

Some people think because mini golf is a fun family activity that even young children can participate in, it can be writen it off as easy or unchallenging. That could not be further from the truth. While mini golf is an age-appropriate game for all, it can be fun and challenging with the right combination of holes and obstacles. If you plan to start a mini golf business, a great way to keep customers coming back for more is by helping them improve at this game. Below are several tips and tricks you can share with them!

Master Some Basic Golfing Skills

Although mini golf and golf are two different games, there is much a mini golf player can learn from golfing basics. This includes the proper standing position, developing the right grip and understanding the correct stance to maintain. As the owner of a mini golf course, you can demonstrate these yourself right before your visitors start playing so they have a higher chance of succeeding.

Use A Correctly Sized Putter

Another important factor affecting mini golf performance is putter size. Generally, the correct putter should come up to one’s belt or waist level so it can be gripped firmly. If players are having trouble picking their putter, you might wish to guide them along and help them find their perfect size. Never underestimate the role of a correctly sized putter in improving mini golf performance!

Use the Right Amount of Force

When it comes to mini golf, strength is not everything. In fact, you may have to master the art of hitting the ball gently or using just enough force to get it to travel the distance you want it to. This can be more challenging than golf because of the smaller distance the ball covers. As such, you may wish to remind the players at your mini golf course to be strategic and precise when hitting the ball.

Analyze Obstacles Strategically

Mini golf is not just about getting the ball into the hole – half the fun comes from devising strategies to get around the course’s creative obstacles and hitting those banks and curves just right. The undulations in the greens and obstacles on the course challenge players and keep them coming back again and again until they can perfect their strategy on each hole.

Design and Construct A Mini Golf Course to Your Specifications

If you are looking to design a mini golf course or start your own miniature golf business, Harris Mini Golf is more than happy to help. We can design custom courses with the right blend of easy and difficult holes as well as ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you have any questions or would like a consultation to discuss what can be done with your existing grounds, please contact us today.