Running a business can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. While many businesses do not come with a rule book for how they should be run, Harris Miniature Golf is dedicated to helping mini golf course business owners realize their potential. Whether you are a mini golf course owner or just thinking about starting a mini golf business, having a set of tips to help you along your journey can be instrumental for long-term success. Use these suggestions as a guide for how to run a successful mini golf course.

Improve the Online Presence of Your Business

No matter how great a mini golf course’s offerings are, they will do little to no good if people do not know about them. Businesses that promote themselves online through social media and review sites like Yelp and Google tend to see a higher return in foot traffic. A strong online presence translates to credibility, which can lead to more customers choosing one business over another. Keep your online presence looking its best with a well-designed website that is attractive, easy to use, and glitch-free. Also make sure that all information on both the website and associated social media accounts is up-to-date and accurate.

Offer Online Booking for Mini Golf

Online booking is almost a non-negotiable for most people these days, regardless of the business or industry. Whether for restaurant reservations or mini golf, customers want a fast and easy way to book online. Online booking for mini golf courses also helps keep track of availability, making it a smart business decision for the mini golf business owner. It can help improve customer satisfaction as well, as the last thing a customer would want is to arrive at the mini golf course and find that all the slots are booked for the day. With an integrated online booking system, any reservation made or cancelled will be updated in real time, making it convenient for both customers and employees.

Offer Several Mini Golf Membership Options

Offering membership options as a form of loyalty program is a great way to build customer relationships and increase loyalty. Having several membership options from which to choose shows golfers that your mini golf course is flexible and willing to cater to different customers’ needs. Every golfer’s needs may vary according to how frequently they play, their schedules, and their proximity to the mini golf course. Make it easier for customers to want to return by offering membership packages and rewards in the form of discounted rounds, unlimited plays, and bundled deals.

Run Seasonal Promotions at Your Miniature Golf Course

Most mini golf courses experience ebbs and flows throughout the year. For example, many people look for leisure activities around the holidays, as they have time off from school or work. Use these opportunities to run seasonal promotions to entice customers to spend time at your mini golf course.

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