Unique Miniature Golf Course Designs To Inspire You

Advances in technology have greatly expanded the creative potential of miniature golf course designs. From movable obstacles to imaginative themes and various quirky touches, there are some golf courses that stand out from the rest. If you’ve always wanted to build and own a mini golf course, here are some important ideas to consider when you create your own designs.

Location: Indoors or Outdoors?

Many popular mini golf courses are located outdoors, but indoor mini golf courses are steadily growing in number and popularity. No matter whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor mini golf course design, each choice has its own advantages.

Outdoor mini golf courses allow for more complex course designs, let your guests take in the sights while basking in the warm and sunny weather, and give your mini golf business public visibility. An indoor mini golf course gives you more control over lighting and sounds and there is no concerns for bad weather.

Themed Courses and Adventure Golf

Over the years, more and more people have taken up mini golf as a hobby – it’s a timeless attraction that’s fun for the whole family! A great way for new mini golf course owners to capitalize on this growing trend is to create a unique theme for their courses. Creating a unique environment or adding personal touches to your course will set it apart for all others.

The theme you choose can then determine the nature and size of obstacles to include in your course, from scenic water and landscape features to custom-built lighting rigs and themed structures. By working with a reputable and dependable mini golf course contractor, you’ll be able to transform your ideas and theme into reality. The master craftsmen helping to build your mini golf course will also have some tricks up their sleeve to elevate your ideas into their best possible version.

Your Very Own Vision

Even though looking to other courses for inspiration is a great start, it’s just as important for you to keep your own dreams and goals in mind as you plan your very own mini golf course. As more and more people take up mini golf in the coming years, it is important to consider every detail of your mini golf course design, from the difficulty of each hole to curb appeal.

This is where partnering with a trustworthy mini golf contractor like Harris Miniature Golf, Inc. can help. With decades of experience in designing and building mini golf courses, you’ll benefit from the guidance and collective expertise of our reliable professionals in every aspect of starting and running a mini golf course. If you’d like to get started on your mini golf course, please get in touch with us today!