Why Mini Golf is the Perfect Activity for Office Events

As you know, miniature golf appeals to people of all ages and abilities. There are many ways to target your marketing efforts towards different groups of people, and it is essential to the success of your business to do so. Have you considered adults working in offices as a target audience for your course? If not, you should, and here’s how!

 It is undeniable that working in an office could leave anyone feeling burnt out or drained after a period of time. Even people who love their jobs need a little variety at times. A great way to re-energize the team in your office is through activities like mini golf. Organize an office mini golf outing and you could see a whole new level of productivity and engagement.

Mini Golf is Simple and Exciting

Mini golf is great for amateurs and seasoned players alike. This could be a fun and entertaining way to bring office workers from various different departments into the mix and give them an activity they’ll truly enjoy. The simplicity of mini golf makes it easy to get into. On the other hand, the thrill of winning the game could encourage just the right group high-five your office needs to get back in sync with each other.

Mini Golf is Fun

We hope the work you do is enjoyable and rewarding, but it’s no secret that work is not always fun. After all, it’s called work for a reason. Mini golf shouldn’t be work. In fact, it should be the antidote to work. Taking your office to a mini golf course should be an opportunity for pure fun. Give employees the chance to see their coworkers in a lighthearted setting and the whole office dynamic could change for the better.

When teams or employees are actively participating in a game of mini golf, they will forget about their concerns, tensions, and even their stress levels. This would provide a fantastic foundation for having fun together. Bringing office colleagues together in a different environment allows them to forget about their stressors for a while, which allows for team building to take place!

Mini Golf Promotes Bonding

Mini golf is undoubtedly a bonding activity; this is the perfect way to foster team building and promote a sense of community within the office. When the year is through and employees look back on it, they will certainly recall the time they participated in the mini golf activity. They can look back and remember how their teammates and coworkers behaved in a certain circumstance during a round of mini golf. These factors will help strengthen ties between employees.

Marketing Your Course for Corporate Outings

As a business owner you can use this information to market towards office and corporate events. You may choose to offer group rates, or even host tournaments for businesses. Another great way to maximize this opportunity would be to offer free or discounted coupons for anyone who attends these outings if they return for another game with their friends or family. Now you are bringing in large groups and creating new customers!

Now that you know just how perfect mini golf is as a team-building activity for office events, perhaps it is time to invest in one for your neighborhood! Our golf courses include water, undulating and banked greens, sand traps, and other attractions, making regulation golf both challenging and enjoyable. Get in contact with us to get started today!