Are you thinking of starting a mini golf business in Wyoming? Our team at Harris Mini Golf is here to help you with every stage of the process. From design all the way to construction and even for marketing advice, Harris can help make your dreams of running a successful mini golf course in Wyoming a reality.

About Wyoming

Despite being the 10th largest state by area, Wyoming is the least densely populated state in the contiguous United States. Its capital, Cheyenne, also happens to be Wyoming’s most populous city with 64,000 residents. Bordered by Montana, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, Wyoming is home to many national parks, wildlife refuges, national forests, and outdoor recreational areas. This makes it a go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Miniature Golf Course Design and Construction Services in Wyoming

Building a successful mini golf course is all about incorporating the right mix of easy and challenging holes as well as optimizing the “playability” of the course. To this end, the team at Harris Mini Golf will always work with the land you have available. We’ll design a course that meets all your specifications while optimizing fun and safety factors.

Every mini golf course we build is ADA compliant to ensure that the game can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. When developing miniature golf courses in Wyoming, we also offer free onsite changes to make sure that you get the mini golf course you want and need.

Mini Golf Course Investment Opportunities in Wyoming

The following are just several reasons to consider investing in a mini golf course in Wyoming:

  • Running a miniature golf course does not require a lot of startup capital, which means overhead costs can be kept relatively low. Equipment is inexpensive and all that is needed to run operations is a small team.
  • Mini golf is a game that can be played by anyone all year round. This means everyone is your customer!
  • You can easily add on a mini golf course to your existing business premises, whether you run a hotel, restaurant, bowling alley, or other recreational space.
  • … and more!

Types of Clients We Serve in Wyoming

  • Bowling Alleys and Fitness Centers
  • Amusement Parks and Campgrounds
  • Senior Residential Communities
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants and Other Foodservice Establishments, including Ice Cream Shops
  • Shopping Malls and Retail Centers
  • Schools and Colleges
    Domestic and International Military Bases
  • … and more!

Why Choose Harris Miniature Golf Courses, Inc?

Harris Miniature Golf is here to be your one-stop shop for everything you need to run a mini golf course in Wyoming. You can enjoy full confidence that we are fully transparent with the quotes we give you, and that there will be no hidden costs down the road. Interested in hearing about the experience others have had with us? We’ll be happy to put you in touch with previous clients upon request. Work with us to experience the difference our 110% satisfaction guarantee has.

If you are interested in starting a mini golf business in Wyoming, please do not hesitate to request a FREE, no-obligation Investor’s Kit today.