An increasing number of campground resorts are investing in mini golf courses as a way to attract new visitors and provide variety for existing campers. Campgrounds can be the ideal location for individuals and families to kick back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors. With the ever-expanding competition in the travel and family entertainment industry, campground facilities area always looking for new and innovative ways to draw in customers.

Mini golf can be the perfect complement to any campground space. Versatile, fun, easy to play and easy to enjoy, miniature golf is a family-friendly activity, making it just the right addition to campgrounds. With plenty of open space, the construction of a miniature golf course on or near a camping space is a great fit. Beyond mini golf courses, however, there are several other activities that campgrounds facilities owners often include in their offerings.

Campgrounds and Miniature Golf Courses

Building miniature golf courses on campgrounds may seem revolutionary to those who have not yet entertained the idea, but this is a trend that is sweeping through the camping industry across the US and for very good reason.  According to Recent findings from Reserve America, miniature golf courses are one of the most modern and popular campground amenities.

One of the key aspects when developing an activity for a certain demographic is to understand the audience’s values. People who enjoy visiting campgrounds typically have a great appreciation for nature. Families that spend trips or vacations on campgrounds often covet precious family time. Keeping these values in mind makes incorporating a mini golf course into a camping space an easy and smart business decision. Mini golf is one of the best activities for promoting collaboration and teamwork, encouraging families to spend time with one another, and encouraging outdoor time if the course is located outside.

Turn to Harris Miniature Golf for Mini Golf Course Design and Construction?

With over 50 years of experience designing, developing, and constructing mini golf courses, Harris Miniature Golf is a leader in the mini golf course industry. Add variety to your campgrounds and attract new clientele with the addition of a well-designed, professionally executed mini golf course right on your premises.  Stay ahead of the competition and offer visitors something they can enjoy year-round with a mini golf course on your campgrounds today.